Restored Youth Ministry (RYM)

We are very passionate about our teens. This is a very difficult world we live in and our deepest heart's desire is to train up and equip Restored teenagers to stand strong and be witnesses in this world. Mighty young men and women are needed in our schools and neighborhoods in a desperate way. There are stats out there today that suggest that up to 80% of teens will walk away from their "faith" when they hit college. That is in no way acceptable. The only explanation for this is that they are not really being led to the living God and are not truly giving themselves to Him because He has overwhelmed their lives and has become their purpose in life. Living off mom and dad's faith doesn't last.

While there are a number of fun and loud ministries we do with Restored Youth, we feel that discipleship is the key to building strong, Christ-led teens. Our ministry goal is to pair a younger teen with an older high-school student in a discipleship relationship or team up a student with a discipling adult from the body of Restored. This is life-on-life ministry where they are meeting together weekly and teaching our students to walk with Jesus as their Savior. 



Sunday Morning Celebration Services
Where: Restored Praise Center
When: 10:30 am
Restored Youth join with the the body for our Sunday morning services. There is powerful worship and compelling messages that touch the hearts of our teens and adults.   

Where: Restored Praise Center
When: Sunday Evenings: 6:00 pm
Ages: All Middle School and High School Students
Overwhelm is a worship service for the Restored Youth that includes group games, worship, a message and LifeGroup time. 

Where: One-on-one discipleship and Youth discipleship groups meet in various places.
When: All times are up to the student and the one shepherding them or their group.
Ages: All Middle School and High School Students.
One-on-one or student discipleship group time is all about life-on-life, meeting every week to encourage, teach, guide, and to have fun as students grow into Jesus. 

Restored LifeGroups
Where: Restored church-wide LifeGoups that meet throughout Wichita
When: Wednesday Nights at 6:30 pm
Ages: Church-wide
On Wednesday nights, students are involved in LifeGroups by helping lead and teach kids during groups and also going through lessons and studies with other students. 



Relentless D-Now Weekend

Where: Restored Community Church and around the city
When: February 17th @6pm- 19th @9am
Ages: Eigth grade and up

Relentless (DNOW) is a youth weekend full of praise, discipleship, service, food, and fun. Students will be put into small groups and given a small group leader. They will stay in church members' homes and will travel together to and from the church building for worship and discipleship time as well as to and from the service project and fun activities.

Click here to register. 

World Mandate - Antioch Community Church Waco, Texas

Where: Restored Community Church
When: January 27th - 29th, 2017
Ages: Eigth grade and up
World Mandate is an amazing yearly conference on missions and world-changing that is held in Waco, Texas. Online registration is open. Every year our students are overwhelmed and set on fire to live for Jesus at this great weekend equipping conference. Click Here to go to the World Mandate web site.

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