The Restored Discipleship School is a life-changing experience for people of any age, background, vocation or season of life.

The purpose of the Discipleship School is to provide a hands-on learning environment that empowers you to deepen your walk with God, walk in life-long fruitfulness, and discover your unique purpose in life. Simply put, Restored Training Schools provide training for life on mission. You will develop tools in the following areas through your time in the Discipleship School:

We want to experience God’s presence and hear what He says He is like and who we are to Him. This is the source of freedom and confidence that anchors you to a truth that cannot be swayed by the opinions of people; it is the knowledge of God.

We practice sharing what we have received by reaching out to our own communities with personal revelation of the good news of the Kingdom of God. Recognizing the value in each other, we reach out in teams to help us grow in our individual journeys of discovery.

There is value in living your life and leading it. You will be empowered by the Holy Spirit to think with the mind of Christ, to grow in understanding of the Word, and to see the impact of empowering others.

The mission of the RTS is to create an atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to equip you to live an abandoned life for Jesus and help you discover your God-given purpose. This school is an experience built around knowing the person of God and his purposes for your life. Service to the local church, biblical instruction, accountability through community, passionate worship, and spiritual disciplines are all key elements to the school.  Our night school runs from August to June and meets on Sunday nights.

For many years, students in similar Discipleship Training Schools around the country have been radically transformed as they have met with God and discovered His purposes for them in their next season of life. We know you can have the same powerful experience!

The Night School // SUN 4:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. // August – June 2019 // $1,000 per student or $1,500 per couple

Application Process:
  1. Complete the online application.
  2. RTS staff reviews application (male staff member reviews male applications, female staff member reviews female applications) and prayerfully considers each student.
  3. Set up an interview in person or over the phone to discuss the details of RTS and ask any questions.
  4. You receive an email or a phone call discussing your acceptance into the school.
Membership:  In order to attend The Restored Training School, each student MUST be a member of Restored Community Church or a Restored Movement Network church. We strongly recommend students being members for 6 months before joining RTS.

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